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College 5, PineHurst School - Gold Award

BBA were pleased to provide acoustic design of the College 5 building at Pinehurst School, Albany Auckland. The project as won Gold Award for the 2024 Commercial Project Awards with the fantastic team lead by Fat Parrot Architectre and Milne Project Management.

The main auditorium required careful design of the room acoustics to ensure the reverberation time, Early Decay Time, Bass Ratio and speech intelligibility provided a functional performance space for unamplified orchestral instrumentation, drama recitals and lectures.

The room acoustics criteria were achieved using strategically placed absorbers to target the reverberation balance and control the reflection order, in addition to bespoke diffusing sidewall panels and pyramid ceiling tiles.

The rain and HVAC noise was designed to meet significantly low levels to provide a first-class performance space. The acoustic design also incorporated sound insulation elements to ensure a high level of privacy was achieved between adjacent high noise spaces.

See more photos of the awesome project on on our project page.


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